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gift card sale begins and ends on monday
gift card sale begins and ends on monday
warrior pose - styled by tess

warrior pose - styled by tess

our greenpoint buyer tess presents a gorgeous mix of styles and eras showcasing her love for the eclectic. her brilliance is boosted by the company of a furry friend.

what do you do beyond being a buyer at bkjsolutionsinc’s?

i am a tailor/seamstress. i make some custom denim as well as alter and repair tons of items-anything from antique silk dresses to heavy leather jackets.

how did you get started as a seamstress?

i first learned to sew when i was about four and have been tailoring and altering clothes pretty much my whole life. after college i tried to work conventionally in the fashion industry but at some point i just realized I was way happier working with my hands and that i was pretty good at it (a lifetime of technical experience hah). so now i'm just flip-floppin upstream like a salmon, trying to find my career in a fast fashion world that has devalued the intensity, skill, and beauty that goes into the creation of a garment. BUT it has also been a great opportunity to meet like-minded people!

describe your style.

i'd say my style is forest sprite meets post apocalyptic warrior.


what’s your favorite piece in your closet?

my favorite items usually changes with the seasons but right now i think it's a raw silk kimono hand-embroidered with dragons from the 1930s.


photos by heather benjamin


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