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gift card sale begins and ends on monday
gift card sale begins and ends on monday
serving up sleek-styled by angeny

serving up sleek-styled by angeny


bushwick buyer, angeny, shows us how less is more in this edition of styled by.

how would you describe your personal style right now?

my style is very simplistic and tight fitting. sometimes i’ll incorporate contrast by wearing a tight top and loose pants, but for the most part, i love wearing anything corset like, or just black and white. very simple, because less is more sometimes!

outside of buying what are you up to these days?

i love to make doll videos, doll photography, i love editing film, and would love to pursue modeling when the weather gets nicer!


at the end of the day, what do you want your wardrobe to say about you?

i want my wardrobe to speak for itself, but to radiate confidence, maturity, simplicity and sometimes an air of bourgeois chic-ness lol


what are some of the most special things in your closet?  

i live for my leather jackets, which takes up 80% of my wardrobe. i’m really into leather garments!



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photos by erikka koiner
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