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road trip

road trip

we had the amazing opportunity to be photographed by brennan booker. brennan is a crazy talented photographer currently at the university of south carolina.

joseph moves his brother across the country and connects with inspiring individuals along the way.


destination: tulsa → memphis → nashville  → s. carolina → baltimore →  washington dc

purpose of journey: to spend time with dada *(dada identifies as dog). my brother and i also wanted to meetup with fellow queer people and photograph them however they felt comfortable. this ended up being the most gratifying part of the trip.

never travel on the road without: an aux cable

favorite outfit you packed: this oversized green jumper that i wore as pants half the time

how many pairs of shoes: 4

what are you listening to: podcasts: nancy, invisibilia, this american life, 2 dope queens and oprah's super soul sunday. our aux cable broke, so we were stuck with radio for the last 13 hours. kaepernick, kneeling, and god were hot topics. 

favorite meal: bojangles fried chicken

highlight of the trip: sara brought us to a private beach in south carolina. it was dada’s first time seeing the ocean and she was scared at first. she has ptsd and kind of just stood frozen at the shore with her legs barely touching the water. she’d also been cramped in a car for the past 6 days. fast forward to the end of our shoot and she is leaping, swimming- galloping all over. rolling in the sand and basking in the sun. we all chilled on the beach and floated around in 80 degree sunshine that afternoon. very tranquil and wholesome. highly recommend, 10/10.


sara in her final transformation. sara identifies as a shy witch and screenwriter in charleston.


ron is really sweet, but does not like chocolate. ron likes peanut butter. ron prefers instant oatmeal for its texture. he also enjoys the musical cats.

brother by the morning light at our very charming airbnb in memphis.

milly showed us their favorite hideaway spot in south carolina. milly has great taste in heels. milly also loves to paint and draw whenever possible.

<3 dada <3

brother bui playing cowboy on the side of the ride

 our friend yvonne showed us around vanderbilt campus where she is studying sociology with a focus on the asian american experience. yvonne also speaks 5 languages and has a giant hello kitty plush doll.


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