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gift card sale begins and ends on monday
gift card sale begins and ends on monday
high kicks-styled by ashley

high kicks-styled by ashley

photographer and manhattan manager, ashley, has showstopping style but she swears she's a practical gal when it comes to her wardrobe. 

tell us about your affinity for 'the jumpsuit'

ahh, the jumpsuit. i am not one to be hindered by clothing so anything that you can throw on and do high kicks in is a no-brainer. i think van halen said it best in the smash hit jump(suit). might as well jump(suit) - go ahead and jump(suit).  

as a photographer, does your eye influence the way you see fashion or wear clothes?

sure! i feel like i am very aware of how clothing interacts with the body. much of my photography involves warped body and spacial relationships. i am also really into color and this is consistent in my work and in my wardrobe.

i have played music for a long time and this has also given me a great deal of perspective. specifically how to make more deliberate choices with my stage outfits. i think i am much better at this than i used to be - but also in the end, i don't really care so much. i am most interested in comfort and practicality. impractical things can be comfortable too - i grew up in a very rural place so being expressive with my clothing was a means of communication. i was a shy kid with "eccentric" interests and my clothing was just another way to let the freak flag fly and find like-minded folks. to me, photography and fashion are very much means of communication.

what’s your look for fall/winter 2017?

the way things are shaping up, by the end of the winter i will just be a pile of denim with a couple of blond braids poking out.





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photos by anna boman

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