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gift card sale begins and ends on monday
gift card sale begins and ends on monday
feminine magic

feminine magic

a roadside abandoned building near our cottage. i felt right at home

jennie finds respite from the big city, upstate, in the catskill forest preserve. this romantic trip reinvigorated our manhattan buyer's imagination and creativity.

destination: phoenicia, ny

purpose of journey: romantic anniversary getaway

never travel without: a victorian nightgown

favorite outfit you packed: a translucent dress with matching pants adorned with pom-poms, white gogo boots, and a vintage baby’s bonnet  

how many pairs of shoes: 4, docs, platforms, two pairs of gogo boots

what are you listening to: dreamy techno like porter ricks and basic channel

favorite meal: eggs benedict over lox and potatoes from the phoenicia diner, which is farm-to-table!

highlight of the trip: on the way upstate, we stopped at an antique store and I bought a 100 year old amish doll with no face. she imbued the trip with spooky feminine magic. the haunted doll was a reoccurring theme throughout our stay, which reinvigorated my imagination and creativity. it was a crazy vibe. 


the doll house was once a thriving doll house business. it has also been a ski shop, a beef distributor, and a tavern. it is rumored to have served as a “house of ill repute” 

window shopping in woodstock

so many dollies!

a dramatic way to celebrate an anniversary 

finding fall outfit inspiration

the esopus creek

enjoying mother nature

feeling rejuvenated af

i’m sooo romantic

v haunted v doll

my new gig as a server at this haunted abandoned restaurant

power stance at the monolith of opus 40

our favorite spot <3

getting lost in a labyrinth


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