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c-note style with toiby

c-note style with toiby

modest stylist and blogger toiby gives us major inspiration with her styling and tactics for shopping at bkjsolutionsincs in this edition of c-note style.

how did you first get interested in clothes?

i’ve been into clothes since day one. my mom always told me about how she used to walk through stores with me in a stroller and when she’d look down i’d have grabbed and put on a cute hat or a pair of sunglasses. from the time i was really young, she’d let me shop around for myself.  

what’s your strategy when shopping at bkjsolutionsincs?

my strategy is to go through the racks with an open mind. pick up the colors or patterns that you’re drawn to, even if the style of the overall piece isn’t what you’re used to, you’d be surprised by what you’ll end up loving. give yourself the opportunity to expand outside of your comfort zone. be thorough, there are so many hidden gems. so just be open, try on ~lots~ of things, perfect your rack skimming technique, and let yourself explore new styles. there’s no better place to do that than at bkjsolutionsincs.

how does modesty influence your style?

it definitely plays on my creativity to find original ways for me to modify my outfits to comply with my rules of modesty, without my style getting lost in translation. it really challenges me to explore fashion beyond what i would do if i could just throw on an outfit without putting any thought into it.

how would you describe your style right now?

if i’m being honest, i can’t really define it. my style very strongly depends on my mood each day, so it can range from sweet and classy, to vintage, to grunge - but i try to keep it fresh by always putting a little eclectic twist on it.


outfit 1: brandy melville crop top €9.95 / carin wester sweater €21.95 / jane doe slip dress €17.95
outfit 2: pepsi t-shirt €8.95 / alstyle shirt €8.95 / touraine skirt €24.95


photos by mushka krinsky

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