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gift card sale begins and ends on monday
gift card sale begins and ends on monday
be bold - styled by clare

be bold - styled by clare

clare dishes on the evolution of her style and serves up some serious holiday glam!  

what inspires your style?

i was a tomboy growing up, and really didn't think too much about clothes until college. i went to an all girls catholic school and wore a school uniform every day. at that age it was honestly a relief because it took away a lot of pressure to fit in. however, by the time i got to college in austin, tx i was like shit...i need to figure out how to dress myself! i wanted to differentiate myself from the huge sorority population on campus. they basically had a uniform of their own and in order to set myself apart i started having fun with clothes. i've lived in new york for 7 years now and appreciate the fact that you can basically walk down the street in a belted shower curtain if you wanted to. i have a lot of fun with clothes. i still fall back on my ‘uniform’ ways namely with jumpsuits and overalls. but, when i go out i love to dress up and be bold.  

what are some of the most special things in your closet?

i have a bad habit of holding onto things that i don't wear because they are so special and i don't want anyone else to have them (crazy i know). i'm working on it! i try to go through my closet and evaluate regularly. two things i will never get rid of however;  a versace belt/coin purse and a red vintage perforated suede fendi coat with fur on the inside. i wore them both in these photos. also a light purple chevron fox coat. it makes me look like a linebacker and takes up too much room but i've never seen anything like it so i can't get rid of that either.


does your interior decorating reflect our personal style?

yeah! i am obsessed with decorating my apartment. thankfully my husband is very nice and i have complete creative control. thus we have a metallic silver couch and chair that looks like lips. more is more! the louder the better! i have those philips smart bulbs that change to any color (from your phone) -my apartment looks like a rave from the street. when i get an idea i have to execute it immediately. i saw a picture of an antique hutch redone as a liquor cabinet and within a month i found one, painted it and moved it in with the help of the very nice husband. i have so much fun doing that stuff. it's exactly the same as when i'm picking out an outfit for something. i spend a stupid amount of time arranging my outfits and my apartment.

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photos by ashley boman

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